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Charity: We give 1% of all our income to Charity.

Child Life SocietyChild Life Society was created to help make life with cystic fibrosis (CF) as normal and enjoyable as possible. CF is a degenerative genetic disease and, as of now, remains incurable. Individuals with CF suffer lifelong breathing difficulties due to the constant heavy buildup of thick mucus in their lungs, and are dangerously prone to life-threatening infections in their lungs. Days and nights are filled with wheezing, coughing, fatigue, and the constant burden of doctor appointments, respiration therapy, medication, and frequent hospitalization. Child Life Society provides desperately needed medical equipment, special nutritional supplements, home care assistance and emotional support. Child Life Society also subsidizes therapeutic respite trips for CF patients to Key West, FL, where the pristine and salty aquatic climate helps ease breathing difficulties, rejuvenate and significantly reduce future hospitalization. For more informaiton visit (Child Life Society)


The Eric Matthews Foundation that helps a youth sports program. (
The Eric Matthews Foundation was organized for the purpose of serving our youth through sports. The Eric Matthews Foundation mentoring program is about developing trust, building relationships, increased learning and exposing the children to opportunities that they might not otherwise be afforded. Aspects of each of these factors can be found and are present in everything that we do whether it’s exposure to influential people, field trips, sports activities, the importance of education and “ down to earth” honest advice. Mentoring actually affects each individual person can be different; however the impact can be far reaching and the benefits can span a lifetime. We believe this will build a community to help create a safer and more nurturing and supportive environment. Our community outreach services are dedicated to putting this mission into action by providing a full range of charitable, human service, and community development activities.